A Racecard is a printed program containing details about a race meeting. It usually lists the scheduled races, the names of the horses, and other pertinent race information. A racecard helps bettors make an informed betting choice.

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The race's starting time.

The purse is the prize money that is split between the owner, trainer and jockey and possibly others in the winning group. Prize money is also distributed, on a sliding scale, to those finishing in the first few places.

Flat races are usually run at distances from 5 to 12 furlongs. A furlong is one eighth of a mile or 0.2 km.

Program Number
This is the race number.

Morning Line Odds
The horse's odds at the start of the day. This changes as the day progresses and more bets are placed.

Saddle Cloth Color
This is included to help the spectators and bettors identify their horses at a distance.

Post Position
The position assigned to the horse in the starting gate.

Horse Name
Owners often use a name that stands out and is easily recalled by bettors. This is done since the horse's name is often used by many neophyte bettors to select their bet.

Horse Color
The major colors are bay, chestnut, black, brown, white, gray, pinto (patches of brown, white and black), buckskin, dun, and roan.

Contains an abbreviation of the horse's sex - c: colt; f: filly; h: thoroughbred age of 5 or older; g: gelding.

All horses count January 1 as their birth date. Individual horses mature at different ages. Most horses reach mental maturity at around seven or eight years old, when their behavior generally becomes calmer and more accepting.

Sire and Dam
The names of the horse's parents. The dam's sire is often included. This data is useful for bettors to determine possible horse performance through lineage.

The person who handled the horse's upbringing.

The amount of weight, including the jockey, which the horse will carry. Many jockeys are on strict diets so they can 'make the weight' for their rides.

Claiming Price
The Claiming Price is the price at which the horse is available for sale to a qualified buyer. As not all horses are competitors in stakes level races, racing in the claiming ranks gives the opportunity to race against horses of similar caliber. Thus, for example, when a horse easily wins against $5,000 claimers, he may be moved up in value to avoid his being claimed. More prominent tracks would generally feature horses of higher value. Claiming Prices vary from $5,000 to $150,000 depending on the track.

The trainer is responsible for getting the horse in perfect shape for race day.

The owner pays for a horse's training, and is eager to receive a return on his investments.

The rider has a massive part to play in a big race. His ability to guide the horse in the race often spells the difference between victory and defeat.

Jockey's Silks
The rider's silks differentiate one mount from another, and are crucial to viewers who want to distinguish which horse they have backed. The variations can include spots, hoops, stars and stripes. A more recent innovation is the use of a sponsors' logo.

Summary of Results
This section includes a breakdown of the horse's racing results during the current year, during his lifetime, under wet track conditions, on the same distance and on the same track. It also lists the horse's previous earnings.

It also contains the horse class rating which is a mark that is based on the horse's speed in previous races, with emphasis placed on recent performance and races run at today's distance. It's usually a number between 50.0 and 100.0.

Summary of Races and Performance
This section is usually found on the lower portion of a horse's slot on a racecard and contains a performance summary of the horse's most recent races. It includes the following:

  • Date, track and race number
  • Race Distance - expressed in terms of miles and furlongs
  • Track Condition - tracks may be wet fast (wf), fast (ft), good (gd), slow (sl), wet slow (ws), rain affected (ra) and others
  • Type of Race - races may be maiden race (Mdn), starter race (Str), claiming race (Clm), allowance race (Alw), or stakes race (Stk).
  • Purse Amount - the race prize
  • Pace Figure - a speed rating averaged over several points of call
  • Points of Call - horse times, positions and distance from the leader at the First Call, Second Call, Third Call and Stretch Call
  • Final Position - the horse's position at the finish; the number usually contains a whole number and a mixed numeral -- the whole number denotes the horse's order of finish while the mixed numeral denotes the measurement of lengths behind the winner
  • Jockey's name - the jockey that rode the horse in the race
  • Final Odds - the horse's odds at the start of the race
  • Speed Figure - this is a comparison of the horse's time with the best time at the distance at that track in the last three years
  • Company Line - the first, second and third-place horses in the race and the margins separating each one
  • Comments - the horse's performance as written by a chart caller; the highlights are on the trouble encountered in the race and how he finished

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2014 Kentucky Derby

First Race Post Time: Apr-25-2014 01:20

Horse Jockey Odds
The Iron FurnaceT. Rice6-5
Marlins WonderM. Studart7-2
Hunter GreyF. Valentin2-1
Yo BroA. Worrie30-1
UraganoL. Mejias8-1
It Was All GoodK. Davis15-1
ElmraR. Maragh2-5
MaxanaJ. Ortiz6-1
Kiss CatI. Ortiz, Jr.10-1
Fee and SugarL. Mejias15-1
Kate Is a TenW. Garcia20-1
Lady LucianoJ. Alvarado5-1

Second Race Post Time: Apr-25-2014 01:51

Horse Jockey Odds
Fly SoloK. Davis8-1
JealousA. Worrie5-2
Heavenly GirlM. Luzzi2-1
MononokeL. Mejias5-1
Eurokay by MeT. Rice4-1
Front Cover DreamA. Lezcano12-1
Blue Sixty FourF. Valentin20-1
Revealing MomentR. Montanez20-1
PurlingC. Velasquez6-1
Heidi's HolidayA. Arroyo7-2
Little Gabby GirlI. Ortiz, Jr.8-1
High InflationJ. Ortiz5-1
Glassy AlyT. Rice3-1
Start It UpE. Castro5-2

Third Race Post Time: Apr-25-2014 02:22

Horse Jockey Odds
Trace ScreenJ. Ortiz3-5
VonaL. Saez3-5
Brendan GK. Davis4-1
Mach SevenI. Beato15-1
Run Logan RunA. Worrie30-1
Samurai AssaultL. Mejias8-1
Golden DocA. Lezcano20-1
Tony DM. Chaves5-1
White Pants NightL. Saez6-1
Violet HourI. Ortiz, Jr.9-5
TizarocketC. Velasquez7-2
Dear to AllJ. Ortiz3-1
FlaringR. Maragh15-1
Two Blue HensM. Franco4-1

Fourth Race Post Time: Apr-25-2014 02:53

Horse Jockey Odds
Mama ZeeC. Velasquez4-1
My Donna JeanI. Ortiz, Jr.3-1
AmulayJ. Ortiz8-1
Magma (GB)T. Rice30-1
Darnley BayM. Franco12-1
ManeroL. Mejias15-1
MorethanvictoriousR. Montanez30-1
Your MoveE. Esquivel5-2
Very Cherry CandyJ. Alvarado4-1
Paris SunshineM. Chaves8-1
Halos and AngelsM. Studart5-1
Eva LilA. Worrie30-1
Lady C NoteK. Davis5-1
Dakota's PickA. Lezcano30-1
Patriot's JewelF. Valentin15-1
Fancy 'n FlightS. Camacho, Jr.5-2
Miss Red CloudC. Velasquez9-5

Fifth Race Post Time: Apr-25-2014 03:24

Horse Jockey Odds
Lady LaveryL. Saez3-1
CostelaM. Franco3-1
Small WorldL. Saez3-1
Al's GalI. Ortiz, Jr.5-1
Touch the StarC. Velasquez4-1
Risk ControlJ. Ortiz8-1
Elissa TownC. DeCarlo15-1
AcademyperformanceR. Maragh20-1
Boxford BelleA. Arroyo15-1
ClotureA. Solis2-1
The Right Bird. unknown jockey4-1
Mister PopsicleL. Saez15-1
Camden StreetJ. Bravo3-1
BalderdashC. DeCarlo12-1
SteveM. Franco10-1
Belly of the WhaleI. Ortiz, Jr.7-5
Mental IcebergA. Arroyo8-1
J to the CroftR. Montanez4-1
Village Warrior. unknown jockey5-2
Maximus DecimusC. Velasquez15-1
Bay of PlentyI. Ortiz, Jr.8-5

Sixth Race Post Time: Apr-25-2014 03:55

Horse Jockey Odds
ConticinioM. Franco6-1
PepeE. Esquivel12-1
DefineI. Ortiz, Jr.4-1
Bos'n AlwyneW. Garcia30-1
Mister WoolmanC. Velasquez8-1
PolizianoA. Lezcano20-1
Fly Bye PomeroyA. Arroyo5-1
Ed's MagicJ. Ortiz2-1
Risk ManagementL. Mejias6-1
Candy PortenaA. Arroyo15-1
MiadoraI. Ortiz, Jr.5-1
PredicateR. Maragh12-1
RosemarieS. Camacho, Jr.30-1
J. QuirkL. Saez6-1
MagsameliaE. Castro8-1
It's MacaroniJ. Ortiz15-1
Hanalei HaileyJ. Bravo3-1
SmashingT. Rice2-1

Seventh Race Post Time: Apr-25-2014 04:26

Horse Jockey Odds
JonrahW. Garcia20-1
NotacatbutallamaR. Maragh3-1
BeautyinthepulpitM. Franco20-1
PinballC. Velasquez9-5
LubashJ. Alvarado5-2
KharafaL. Saez7-2
Comandante. unknown jockey8-1
ZivoJ. Ortiz2-1
Bigger Is BettorA. Arroyo6-1
Awesome VisionI. Ortiz, Jr.5-1
Spa City FeverT. Rice7-2
So ScottR. Maragh15-1
Sleepless KnightL. Saez3-1
Grand RapportC. Velasquez5-2
FourseventeenI. Ortiz, Jr.5-1
Glory GameR. Maragh8-1
Mr. EspressoS. Camacho, Jr.15-1
ExporterM. Franco6-1
Mr. MasterpieceA. Worrie15-1
River BossJ. Ortiz6-1
Most Happy Fella. unknown jockey5-1
Nevada. unknown jockey2-1

Eighth Race Post Time: Apr-25-2014 04:57

Horse Jockey Odds
Warrior UpA. Arroyo30-1
Papa TomE. Castro30-1
Sir LeslieA. Lezcano8-1
The Brothers RapI. Ortiz, Jr.6-1
GroomedforvictoryC. Velasquez5-2
SinistraR. Montanez6-1
Ultimate EmpireR. Maragh10-1
BernardoJ. Ortiz3-1
The Big DeluxeE. Esquivel6-1
Mighty OneJ. Falk50-1
Seventy SixW. Garcia20-1
DawlyA. Arroyo9-5
North OceanI. Ortiz, Jr.9-5
Stormin MonarchoC. Velasquez4-1
Cougar RidgeJ. Bravo12-1
Don DulceR. Maragh8-1
Aussi AustinT. Rice5-1
Summer SunsetJ. Ortiz15-1
IrsaalE. Castro3-1

Ninth Race Post Time: Apr-25-2014 05:28

Horse Jockey Odds
East Coast ExpressA. Worrie6-1
HiddeniteM. Franco12-1
Camie's DancerK. Davis15-1
Send the LimoI. Ortiz, Jr.5-2
Ballerena BlissE. Castro10-1
TizallheartT. Rice3-1
Bay DawnM. Studart30-1
Kevin's SteelR. Maragh5-1
Notional GirlA. Arroyo6-1
Laghazirella BeachA. Lezcano20-1
Rohver GirlJ. Ortiz4-1
Lloyd HarborR. Maragh7-2
Medaglia d'ArgentoL. Saez2-1
Paid ExpectationsC. Velasquez8-1
Miss GloryJ. Falk15-1
Cajun Wedding. unknown jockey5-1
Sea Isle SandyA. Worrie50-1
Willow UA. Arroyo10-1
Eddy's TimeR. Maragh4-1
Annie WalkerM. Franco6-1
Crazy Over EasyT. Rice12-1
Kelly's PrizeC. Velasquez7-2
ShewreckstheplaceA. Lezcano50-1
MyfriendthebirdI. Ortiz, Jr.12-1
Jilly MacJ. Ortiz12-1
Royal JestM. Luzzi2-1
Legally BayT. Rice7-2
Beulah Park
Charles Town
Delta Downs
Evangeline Downs
Golden Gate Fields
Hoosier Park
Penn National

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